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2020 Wasn’t All Bad, Here Are 10 Wonderful News Stories to Cheer You Up

There’s always something good going on and we should know about that too!

Photo by Sven Brandsma from Unsplash

It’s easy to lose yourself to negative emotions if most of the things you’ve seen and experienced this year have been bad.

But just one thin beam of light is enough for darkness to leave.

Maybe not completely, but enough for us to see hope and remember there’s so much positive to see surrounding us. And if there’s one good thing out there, there has to be another one. And another one.

And light fills our soul again.

Let’s look at some of the good things 2020 brought us that we might have passed by…until now.

We’re Saving our Planet

Here’s some news regarding our efforts to help heal our beloved Earth.

Norwegian researchers found a way to reduce more than 70% of bird deaths caused by wind turbine blades

Photo by Giuseppe Famiani from Unsplash

By looking at data from 2013 up till now, scientists found that painting one of the blades in black helped birds dodge them in time.

Without this visual aid, birds tend to see the rotating white blades as a motionless blur. Thus adding a black blade enhanced the visibility of the rotor blades and helped them see it as a moving object.

A simple and effective trick that saves many lives.

Germany is turning 62 disused military bases into nature reserves

Photo by Daniele Buso from Unsplash

The slogan “make love, not war” gets a whole new meaning here.

Because of acts of love towards nature, we’re creating life where there was only destruction before. And thanks to the repurposing of space, Germany will give back 76,600 acres to nature that will serve as homes for birds, bats, insects, and many other wildlife.

This decision will increase Germany’s total area of protected fauna by a quarter. And even some of these reserves will be opened to the public!

Dozens of sea turtles born on Mumbai’s beaches for the first time in 20 years

Photo by David Sng from Unsplash

Thanks to a 3-year cleaning process of highly contaminated beaches, sea turtles are now able to find a suitable nesting place.

This is some good news, especially for a species that is constantly threatened by climate change, fishing gear entanglement, and hunting.

Have you heard about beach cleaning initiatives happening all around the world? People gather weekly until they get rid of all the contamination that’s been piled up over the years.

We see amazing transformations that help return life to places where all hope was lost. And sea turtles are part of that ecosystem.

France proposed a law that will punish major polluters with 10 years behind bars

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Unsplash

This law will set a precedent for environmental justice.

Any action that will endanger the environment or cause serious intentional damage to nature will be met with harsh countermeasures. Fines will go up to $5.3 million or 10 years in prison according to the polluter’s intentions.

The French constitution didn’t qualify these acts as crimes before, just as offenses, so we’ll soon see offenders sentenced for “ecocides”.

Big corporations will finally be held accountable for their vast damage to nature.

Researchers have created wardrobe fabrics that can suck CO2 from the atmosphere

Photo by Julian mora from Unsplash

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries worldwide, emitting more carbon emissions than international flights and shipping combined.

By using mushroom leather or algae T-shirts, not only can we reduce the carbon footprint in the fashion industry, but we can also absorb carbon dioxide from the air in the process.

The Post Carbon Lab in London has created a photosynthesis coating that can be used in shoes, backpacks, curtains, umbrellas, and many other clothes.

To put things in perspective, a large T-shirt can generate as much oxygen as a six-year-old oak tree. We’ll be literally walking trees going all over town sharing our oxygen with the world.

That’s what I call being part of the solution.

We‘re improving our society

We’re not only helping the environment but also creating better communities to live in.

Tattoo artists are covering up old racial tattoos for free

Photo by Allef Vinicius from Unsplash

There’s a movement of tattoo artists across the U.S. helping people transition into a new and better self.

People ready to write a new chapter in their lives, as well as those unable to pay for the transition until now, are encouraged to leave their old mistakes behind and rewrite their past. Symbols of hate include confederate flags, swastikas, the Iron Cross, and many other symbols of hatred.

The artist usually has a no-questions-asked policy which encourages people to seek help more openly and go through this transition. They just want to help others change their lives.

Since the first artists shared this initiative, hundreds have joined the cause.

A clever way to combat hate, don’t you think?

Sudan is ending child marriage and putting a stop to female genital mutilation


Photo by Aladdin Mustafa from Unsplash

These horrific practices were so engraved in their society that the law couldn’t be enforced. A staggering 87% of Sudanese women have been mutilated in this manner for no medical reasons and 33% of girls have been married before turning 18.

The widespread of these terrible practices makes this new resolution so important. And although it will take time to change people’s mindset, these laws will help accelerate the change.

Justice is finally arriving to a much-needed part of society.

The Dublin Boys Club, a place to share real feelings amongst men, has recently opened in Ireland

Photo by Thiago Barletta from Unsplash

Masculinity has always been linked with the idea of not showing weakness in public and never talking about your feelings with anyone. But it’s causing huge problems and half of the population is suffering deeply because of it.

Ireland has one of the highest consumption rates of alcohol in Europe and more than half of all the men partake in binge drinking. Many people drink to help them cope with their emotions, and safe places like this club can help men deal with their problems more effectively.

Clubs like this one are opening throughout the world and a new and more authentic vision of manliness is emerging.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that firing workers for being LGTBQ was illegal

Photo by Quino Al from Unsplash

Workers were protected by local laws regarding their sexual orientation and gender identity, but there was no federal law punishing employers from firing LGBTQ workers solely based on being who they are.

Many have been waiting for this ruling for some time. They’ve been wrongfully fired from their workplace and have been battling in court to defend their rights for years.

So now there’s a chance to repair all that damage and walk towards a more inclusive society. And no one should be left behind.

Scotland is the first country in the world to provide period products free for everyone

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Unsplash

It took 4 years but it finally became mandatory to ensure that products like tampons and sanitary pads are available for anyone who needs them.

Many women struggle to afford the cost of period products. One in every four women in Scotland has had issues getting them, and it has even been coined as “period poverty” due to poor access to these essential items.

It’s a big first step but now other countries should follow their example as soon as possible.


There’s always something good happening in the world and we should remember to see the other side of the coin.

Although 2020 was a very challenging year, it doesn’t mean everything was bad. I wanted to share some good news as a reminder (for me too) that there were changes for the better.

We are progressing in our fight to save the planet and we’re taking measures to improve the way we live and interact with each other. Shouldn’t we share these news too?

There’s hope!

Let’s remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. when he says that only light can drive the darkness away, and that’s where, my friends, we can all beam a little light into this world.

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