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The 5 W’s on Love — What Do People Want to Know Desperately About Love?

Let’s look at Google’s most searched questions to find out

Photo by Jonathan Andrew from Pexels

Love is in the air, always. At least it’s around someone’s corner right now.

The poor soul (or a lucky one, depending on how you see it) is full of doubts and uncertainties regarding this topic.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert, there’s always a question you want an answer to.

But what are the most frequent questions about love?

Let’s look at Google’s most searched questions and see whether your own doubts are shared by most people or just things you think to yourself.

#1 “What” Questions

Within the most frequently asked question for the “what” category, we find that people are more interested in learning what’s their IP than what love is, with almost 3 times the searches for the former.

It’s a tough competitor to love, I might say.

“What is love” is the second most asked question for inquiries starting with “what”. In 2019, it had 1,830,000 searches per month on average globally.

When people ask this question they might be looking for:

Either way, if we look at the other top ten searches in this category, we’ll see that women might be the more interesting gender on this topic (given that “what do men want” is ranked in 4th place with 1 million searches per month).

Or it’s just people trying to see what the heck is love about. And in the process looking for a romantic spot to share with their loved ones (with “what time is sunset” 8th place with 823,000 searches/month).

#2 Why Questions

This category is tougher on love. It seems that many people ask about the negative side of love. Probably too many bad experiences.

I’m so sorry if that’s your case.

In the top 10 questions for “why”, we find two that might be related to love.

We first have “why you so obsessed with me” in 2nd place (with 246,000 searches per month), just below “why were cornflakes invented”…yes, really.

Now, this can relate to people that have either unresolved attachment issues or just hopeless kids chasing unreciprocated love. Poor lads nevertheless.

And then on 6th place we’ve got “why you always lying” (with 110,000 searches/ month) which can refer to several things:

  • Are the poor lads from above googling this because every time they try to approach a suitable partner, they get rejected with vile lies?
  • Or is love a stream of deceptions once you find that your relationship is based on half-truths?
  • Or maybe you’ve been chasing the wrong guy/girl and fail to realize that he/she is not the one

Anyhow, the “why” of love is a difficult issue to deal with.

Let’s come back from deep waters now.

# 3 Who Question

Yes, this one is just one solitary question regarding love from the top 10 in this category.

It’s a question we ask when we are unsure about our crush’s feelings or even about our partner’s.

And it’s eating us from the inside out.

We want to know. And we want it now. We can’t bear the uncertainty, and thus we somehow ask google for an answer (as it knew somehow):

Who do you love?

With 450,000 searches per month, this question can pose nightmares until we finally find the answer (“me” being the correct one, of course).

Now, this question is in 4th place, compared to more existential questions like “who am I” or “who are you” which are still more important to us. Well, not if you consider that the most researched question in the “who” category is “who do I look like”, which completely invalidates my last argument, but let’s disregard it for now, indulge me.

We don’t have to be so depressed about this. People might be searching for the song “Who do you love” by The Chainsmokers (with 66 million views) and all this desperation about not knowing your crush’s crush goes down the drain. However, if you listen to the song, the guy is totally obsessed with learning his crush’s feelings.

Back to the sleepless nights then.

#4 When Question

Sorry to disappoint you. Just one question about love in the top 10 in this category.

And it’s a scary one.

When are the early signs of pregnancy” is rated in 2nd place with 673,000 searches per month.

Folks, always wear protection!

Well, unless you want your girl to make the google search above in which case, congratulations.

This search might refer to the 13 million children born annually from women under the age of 20:

  • It might refer to less experienced women in this domain trying to find out what’s happening to their bodies after some unprotected sex experience.
  • Or it can relate to the horrifying fact that 1 out of 3 women have experienced some form of sexual violence which can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Either way, it’s a big question to which a certain answer will change a person’s life forever.

#5 Where Question

These last three categories have just one question in the top 10 about love, I know. I’m sorry. I wish I had better news.

But it is what it is.

Blame the people for not searching enough about love in these categories.

It’s not me, it’s them.

The question in mind is “where do babies come from” in 10th place with 74,000 searches per month.

I’m not sure if we are having a major issue at schools by not teaching the right sexual education to our kids, or the ones searching for this question are so young that sex education hasn’t even been scheduled for them.

I don’t want to think that this search comes from older folks. In addition to a big facepalm, this would mean we’ve failed as a society. Thousands of generations were born and bred and we’re still not able to know and share how these came into existence?

Quite disappointing.

On the other hand, this might refer to parent’s awkwardness when teaching their kids about it. I can see them going to the computer with their kids and just typing this phrase and letting google do the teaching.

“There you go kid”, while typing the sentence they don’t want to face explaining themselves. “Google is much wiser, and it will tell you what you need to know. Don’t bother me with this again”.

In any case, we need another love question to replace this one, don’t you think?:

  • Where do I go out with my crush? (Practical)
  • Where does love reside? (Scientifical)
  • Where can I find love? (Philosophical)
  • Where is the love of my life? (Esoterical)
  • Where do people report having the best sex ever? (Ehmmm…Personal)

Okay, I think you get the idea.

We certainly need a new most searched question for this section.


Photo by Michael Fenton from Unsplash

Love. The eternal mystery.

Either (or both?) the misery and/or happiness of so many.

A way to learn more about how people think about this domain is to see what do they search about it. Although Google can give you the broad strokes, it’s an interesting introduction to this topic.

Think of millions of people worldwide trying to learn more about love, doesn’t it map out our general motivations at least?

Here’s a quick summary of the top searched questions in each category:

  • What: what is love and what do men want (bonus: what time is sunset).
  • Why: why you so obsessed with me and why you always lying.
  • Who: who do you love.
  • When: when are the early signs of pregnancy.
  • Where: where do babies come from.

A more in-depth analysis should take into consideration the related keywords and cross-reference them to different demographic segmentation. It would be interesting to know how these questions differ by country, by culture, by ethnicity, and by so many other variables.

We know what’s happening on a global scale, but now the question is what’s going on locally?

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