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An Unusual Guide to Get Rich with Stocks

It’s not a scam nor it’s illegal. It’s just thinking outside the box.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I’ve come up with a plan to get rich almost overnight and I’ll show you the step by step process.

Now, you have to be very quick to get in and out, before it’s too late. Otherwise, what you remain with will be almost worthless.

This plan was inspired by two recent events in the stock market. The purchases of two very unique stocks:

  • Zoom Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS: ZTNO)
  • Signal Advance Inc (OTCMKTS: SIGL)

Both stocks have two things in common:

  1. They had more than a 1,000% increase in their stock in less than a month.
  2. Their names are very similar to the companies people were supposed to invest in instead.

Just with a couple of hundred bucks, you would have made six figures easily.

According to Market Watch, if you had invested $100 in Zoom Technologies Inc on March 21st, when the stock was valued at $0,005, and sold it on April 16th you would’ve earned $84,000.

In less than a month!

This is one of those instances in which people get very rich by betting on the wrong horse.

Let’s look at the plan to take advantage of future opportunities like this one.

Step 1 — Follow famous and controversial public figures

First, you have to find several public figures that many people will follow their every word/tweet.

For instance, Elon Musk has a history of tweets that have affected not only Tesla’s shares but now more recently Signal Advance’s stock (unintentionally).

Everything happened after this tweet:

Screenshot from Elon’s tweeter

People started buying stocks named Signal. For many, it didn’t matter whether it was Musk’s suggestion of downloading the Signal messaging app, and a company not publicly traded by the way, or buying shares in an unrelated company, Signal Advance Inc.

Donald Trump is another figure you might want to follow for “stock price reasons”. He’s another heavy twitter, recently banned thankfully, that has a history with tweets leading to changes in the stock market.

For instance, when Trump tweeted about threatening General Motors with big taxes for making the Chevy Cruze model in Mexico, shares decreased by 5%. And he has a lot of those incidents throughout his 4 years in office.

Maybe after his presidency ends, his tweets won’t be as influential as before, but you get the idea, right?

As this study suggests, there’s a significant relationship between celebrity tweets and stock prices, so you might want to start following some of these people to go with the stock flow.

Step 2 — Once they Tweet about a company, look for similarly named ones

You might want to focus on the companies these people are talking about or you could go the road less traveled and look for companies people might confuse for the original one.

If you think buying the wrong stock trend is new, take a closer look. People have mixed up the ticker symbol a lot in the past, particularly at volatile market events. And we seem to be in a constant volatile environment these days.

You could take advantage of that.

Here are some examples of investors mixing up stocks:

  • When Twitter announced that it will go public back in 2013, Tweeter Home Entertainment (a consumer electronics retailer) had a 2,200% increase over the following days.
  • A day after Google announced that it was buying Nest Labs, in 2014, the stocks of Nest Labs and Nestor (a company selling automated traffic enforcement equipment) increased from less than a penny to 10 cents a share.
  • Snap Inc’s IPO (creator of the social media app, Snapchat) in 2017 was mixed up with Snap Interactive (software company developing social and business communication apps).

And several more examples like these (e.g. Physicians Formula Holdings, Monster Worldwide, etc.).

So you see, there’s an untapped business opportunity here.

Don’t miss it!

Step 3 — Buy a couple of hundred dollars worth of shares

Before the sudden increase in stock value, these mistaken companies had very cheap shares:

  • Tweeter Home Entertainment’s share was worth less than a cent.
  • Nest Labs and Nestor’s share was worth less than a cent.
  • Signal Advance’s share was worth less than a dollar.

So for a couple of hundred dollars, you could try your luck and see if takes off. If it doesn’t, well you lose. But not some ridiculous amount of money that will get you living on the streets. Just eating rice more frequently than you’d like.

It’s part of playing the game.

With increases of 1,100% (for Signal Advance) up to 56,000% (for Zoom Technologies), those bucks will give you an impressive return.

Step 4 — Sell them shortly after acquiring them

Stocks for these mistaken companies tend to sharply increase but also decrease in a short period of time.

So you have to act quickly once you’ve acquired them.

Think of a span between 2–3 days to a couple of weeks, before you see your stock’s worth decrease. I’d suggest selling after a week to be sure.

If they keep rising, well, you’ve missed out. But if you didn’t sell them on time, that’s even worse. And it will eat you inside.

To be safe, sell after a week of purchasing them.


Photo by Gilly from Unsplash

It all comes down to buying the (wrong) rumors and selling with the news.

Or rather, selling before the news hits.

Because that’s when people realize they’ve made a mistake with their investment.

Where some people see a problem, others see an opportunity.

Why not try it?

It’s not like you’ll lose a lot of money if doesn’t work out. Remember, you’ll be buying just a couple of hundred bucks, nothing too risky.

But you have to find the right people spreading the rumors (intentionally or unintentionally) to get to ride this particular wave.

Sometimes betting on the wrong horse is the best choice.

By Pavle Marinkovic on .

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